Formerly Moduflex Anesthesia Equipment, Inc.   

Intro Dental unit


 "INTRO"Veterinary Dental Delivery Unit by Dispomed ltd.

What makes Highdent Unique

  • Low risk of breakage and reduced risk of injury due to its recessed handpieces
  • Low risk of leaks due to its innovative piping system configuration
  • 5 year warranty on the machine and 2 years on Piezo
  • Machined aluminum head
  • Brass valves
  • Ergonomic Design: adjustable height
  • Highdent dental machines include a muffler to reduce noise from the hand pieces
  • Unique tabletop design for instruments
  • Available in 110 or 220 volts

Included with the Highdent Intro veterinary dental unit  

  • Air/Water Syringe
  • Piezo Scaler
  • 3 scaling tips (no1, no2, no10P) autoclavable
  • White and grey dental delivery machine


  • Grey +color options (Call)
  • Quiet compressor, 40dB, means less noise pollution with compressor oil
  • High Speed handpieces
  • L ow speed handpieces
  • Wall-mount


Air/Water Syringe

  • Lightweight, compact contoured head
  • Quick connect-disconnect tip
  • Uses standard autoclavable tips
  • 360 tip rotation
  • Precise control of air, water and mist

Piezo Scaler

  • Totally autoclavable and easy to dismantle


  • Depth : 39.36 cm (15.5)
  • Width : 45.08 cm (17.75)


  • Highdent dental machines include a muffler to reduce noise from the handpieces

Adjustable height

  • From 78.48 cm to 37.63 cm (27.75 to 34.5)

Mobile and Secure

  • 5.08cm (2) casters with brakes


Mobile unit without compressor# 260-0500-MO  

Mobile unit with compressor# 260-0500-MOC  

Wall mount unit without compressor# 260-0500-MU  

Wall mount unit with compressor# 260-0500-MUC


Highdent Intro protective cover# 260-0500-100